Swat: Serene No More, JaeyN tou jaeyN kahaN

Posted on January 31, 2009
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Adil Najam

This photograph from the Swat region needs little commentary, but deserves much thought.

The caption from Associated Press (photograph by Sherin Zada), reads in part:

A youngster sits beside his belongings as he waits for his parents to cross a river as they flee from a troubled area in Imam Dheri near Mingora, the main town of Pakistan’s Swat Valley, Saturday, Jan. 31, 2009.

One wonders what is going through the child’s head. With the Taliban after his body and soul, with civilian casualties in the military operation in Swat mounting, with American drone attacks in the tribal belt further away, and with a polity in chaos in the rest of the country, it is not as if he has too many options to fall back on. He seems to be looking pensively (possibly across the river); but to what?

38 responses to “Swat: Serene No More, JaeyN tou jaeyN kahaN

  1. readinglord says:

    First, a correction in my previous post: Please read ‘lost’ for ‘last’ in the 5th line.

    @Bloody Civilian

    What is ironic in my pseudonym? Please elaborate.

    My point was why don’t they sort it out by discussion instead of jamming the F. Lullah FM radio why can’t they enforce SHARIA on F. L. before he does that on us? Can’t he be charged with creating ‘fassad’ under Sharia?

  2. AishaFbi786 says:

    My first impression was how sad that this child is now homeless and with few possession sitting alone waiting…. However after viewing the picture a little longer I see this child as a survivor, insha’allah, and he represents strength and hope for the future!

    May many more escape and survive!

  3. Bloody Civilian says:


    ironic psuedonym ;) Sorry just pulling your leg. I didn’t say they were after FM transmitters. The MoD has invited bids for procuring scanners and equipment which will help them find/locate/pinpoint the FM transmitters being used by the militants… ever since 1994! Such equipment has been easily available for decades, by the way.

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