Pakistan at War: Video of Girl Flogged by Taliban in Swat. Chief Justice Takes Suo Moto Notice

Posted on April 3, 2009
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Adil Najam

This is a VERY DISTURBING video. Please view at your own discretion.

It is important, however, that we speak about and shout out about this video.

It shows a 17-year old girl being flogged by a Taliban leader of some sort in a perverted form of justice. Reportedly the incident happened in Kalakalay, Swat around 3 months ago (before the supposed peace deal with the government). The girl is being ‘punished’ for going somewhere without a male relative. Supposedly, the male companion was also flogged.

This video is also be discussed vigorously at Pakistaniat’s new Facebook page. Some of that disussion does not carry over here, although we hope it ultimately will.

In more recent developments, supposedly Sufi Mohammad in Swat has condemned the act and said this was not Baitullah’s Taliban. More importantly, the recent reinstated Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry has taken su moto notice of this incident. According to The News

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry Friday took a suo motu notice of the media footage in which a 17 year old girl is being whipped out in the broad daylight in Swat. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhdy ordered the matter to be presented before a larger bench on April 6. He also summoned Secretary Interior, IG and Chief Secretary on April 6. He ordered formation of 8-member larger bench to be headed by himself.

This is a story that all Pakistanis and all Muslims must speak about and speak against. There are those who will try to make this a story about what Pakistan or Islam is. Such bigoted approaches are to be resisted. This is not a story about what Pakistan is. This is clearly not about what Islam is. This is a story about what the enemies of Islam and enemies of Pakistan are doing. This is a story about what Pakistan must not allowed to become. The bad news is obvious in the video itself. The bad news is about the criminality being conducted in the name of religion. The good news is that the media, the judiciary and ordinary Pakistanis ARE speaking up and speaking out. We must do more so. For if we do not speak out against this criminality, who will?

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  2. Abdullah says:


  3. Adnan says:

    This site claims to promote “Pakistaniat” while in reality it’s a propaganda machine of pro lefts radica ls.

    The forum discussed about fake flogging video. If this site is really about discussing Pakistanr rather than being a West’s mouthpiece then it should update the article about recent discovery about the video and should be discussing the role of fundo NGOs who can do anything for sake of money.

    Several news resources featured the news of fake flogging video and its usage to sabotage peace process. Though Adil always make failed attempts to promote himself a neutral and patriotic Pakistani but every time he ended up as a Western puppet who is fed to promote what US asks about. Adil can getrid of this by presenting both side of the story to the outer world. Being a lefts’ mouthpiece is not going to serve this site at all

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