Disrespect for Rules? Or Just Innocent Fun?

Posted on February 27, 2009
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Adil Najam

Many of our readers might have seen this picture before in one of viral emails that go around. It is an obvious and perfect candidate for our “Photo of the Day” category. The board these two youngsters are posing with reads something like:

Standing here to get your photograph taken is not allowed. By orders of the chair lift administration. Those breaking this rule will handed over to the police and a Rs. 1000 fine will be imposed.

20 responses to “Disrespect for Rules? Or Just Innocent Fun?”

  1. huzan waqar says:

    a rule is a rule and it should be followed in any case, wether its effecting the people seriously or not.

  2. Jawwad Riaz says:

    Innocent fun.


    Also disrespect for the rules ..

    Point is. The choices don’t have to be mutually exclusive in answer to the above question. Typical Pakistani .. no. This is something you’ll see ALL over the world. I’ve been around and I have seen this kind of disrespect for the rules with my own eyes so I don’t really care about something this small ..

    Problem is … that there’s always something bigger .. and the bar keeps getting lowered while we lose the rules in the process. Compare the 1800’s to today and most of the laws then seem barbaric today.

    How much as a society do we allow? How far as individuals should we push the system? If we can answer these questions as Pakistanis, we’ll be able to control a lot of our problems.

  3. readinglord says:

    @farooq khan

    In fact our so called Islamic Constitution stands reduced to this Takfiri Fatwa against Ahmadies. The credit of this goes to ZAB whoes party is now bringing in Talbani Sharia of Faz-Lullah. As it is what remain the options before us: Zardari’s Dogar court or FL’s ‘Nizame Adal’.

    May God help us!

  4. Ahmed says:

    There are much worse vices in our society like honour killings, poverty, murders, bribery, guns roam free, sectarian killings, corrupt politicians, lying stealing and the list goes on….

    … let all that happen … buss as long as sharaab na piyein aur zina na karein, sabb kuch sahee hai. RIGHT??

    … I fully agree. It is the inherent stupidity and the illogical thought processes we suffer from. Any takers?

  5. farooq khan says:

    “Incidentally it is the only part of the Constitution which stands intact even when the entire Islamic Consn. is abrogated off and on. ”

    Other day i was thinking the same thing….only article of 1973 constitution that is followed in ‘letter and spirit’ by defenders of constitution is that Ahmadis are kaffir.

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