Is this News? Rehana ka karnama

Posted on April 16, 2009
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Owais Mughal

The following appeared in the daily Jang’s National News section few days ago. While I am glad that Nawab Saheb got immediate orthopedic help, it somehow also brought a smile to me. Among all the global problems that bother us, it is amusing (and refreshing) to note the types of news which still make up to the pages of National News section of Pakistan’s largest Urdu daily.

The news story reports about a guest who slips at an event and how one of the other guests – a lady doctor who is an orthopedist – was able to provide immediate medical help. But to enjoy or understand its content, you really have to read it in Urdu.

9 responses to “Is this News? Rehana ka karnama

  1. kawish says:

    committe ka ijlaas to hota nhi hay rezult kab aega is case ka??
    i m waiting…
    but we should also thanks to god that such a nice surgeon is available in r city :)

  2. hami says:

    Quite hilarious,,, Geo Rehana ! :P

  3. Umair Mirza says:

    i tell you what guy s. havent beggars become different in their begging approach in this country .. just have these docs… its a DAMN cheap way of publicizing oneself !! nothing more… but wow .. she will get thousands of clients now

  4. NB says:

    >>lakin is baat ki bhi tahqeqt honi chaye kay Nawab Saab >>phislay kasay?

    Shayad wo phislay he is liye k rehana begum unhein uthney mein madad karein :P :S !!

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