Posted on June 27, 2009
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47 responses to “Michael Jackson’s (1958-2009) Influence on Pakistan”

  1. Kashmala says:

    Michael is a legend. and i always think about his life that he suffered a lot , his father used to whipped him. and whenever i think about these words i used to cry and wish for Michael that may he had a peaceful life but now he’s dead and i still wish that he should have peace in heaven. Michael discovered that his brother Jermain is converting into Islam, Michael became interested in joining him on this spiritual quest. He also did a lot of soul searching and research on changing religions. And most exciting news is that i’m also a Muslim.

  2. To all Michael Jackson Fans in Pakistan and other Asian Countries:

    Please join us at and make us the biggest fanbase for an artist in history !!
    Honour The King of Pop, our legend, Michael Jackson.
    Thank you so much !