Posted on July 23, 2009
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21 responses to “Urdu Dictionary Project is Under Threat”

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    We have Urdlish.

    We also speak Pinglish, BaloochDu, PunjDu, SindU, PushtDu, SarikDu and HindkDu.

    But when it comes to the Urdu media, they only prefer to write in Urdlish. (As is clearly shown in the press release, press report.). Further, most of the time when you hear some of the people, they really speak Pinglish.

    So, how can we encourage our Urdu media to start supporting BaloochDu, PunjDu, SindU, PushtDu, SarikDu and HindkDu?

    After all, if Urdu can have loan words from English, what is stopping Urdu from acquiring and mainstreaming the local languages of Pakistan?

    Why the resistance?

    The “Rickshaw Wisdom” guy in his latest rendition has amply shown that Punjabi thrown in with Urdu has a nice balance and a good rhyme. A richer delivery, if you will.

    Besides, it can turn into massive movement towards better literacy in Pakistan as the local languages will get support from the massive Urdu literature and print capabilities. And really, when I say literacy, I actually mean amongst the so call “educated” with Pakistani passports but who are least informed about a nation call Pakistan. (Besides the new developments of grandstanding and sloganeering!)

    And what other language can do what “Lashkari” has already accomplished? It has already unified Hindi, Persian and Arabic into one. Then went on to add English. It is Urdu’s organic nature to acquire other languages to broaden it’s scope. It is natural to Urdu!

    So why stop there?

    I wish it had acquired Bengali. But that is past and another story.

    And so, finally, it will be the best and most unifying process as all local languages will gradually move to harmonize the written and the spoken language.

    And with Google Translate already in the mix, it will an amazing process to transform the local languages of Pakistan as part of Urdu as it will continue to expand and acquire new expressions, translations and knowledge base from other languages, cultures and traditions. On other words, no stopping now.

    Go, Pinglish, BaloochDu, PunjDu, SindU, PushtDu, SarikDu and HindkDu!

    I call is “UrdKo” (beause it will acquire the smallest language base of Hindko), but does anyone have a better name?