Weekend Treats: 50-50’s kassauti and a Song

Posted on October 3, 2009
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Owais Mughal

This is one of my all time favourite comedy skits from ‘Fifty-Fifty’. During school years, we used to watch this skit again and again and every time it used to make some of us literally roll on the carpet with laughter. One day we were having dinner while watching this clip and when the sentence ‘magar Pur Saheb, batti to janwar ki jal rahi hai’ came, we laughed so much that nobody could eat for next 10 min. Enjoy!

More 50-50 on ATP: here, here, and here.

And now for a song selection which comes from Pakistani movie ‘Naila’. Singer is ‘Mala’ and lyrics are by Qateel Shifai.

11 responses to “Weekend Treats: 50-50’s kassauti and a Song”

  1. AllahWasaya says:

    Thanks Adnan, of course, Halla Gulla Baig, I should’ve guessed it!

  2. Adnan says:

    @Allah Wasya
    Majid Jehangir is Ubaidullah Baig

  3. AllahWasaya says:

    Thanks for sharing, 50-50 was such a classic, I hope one day Shoaib Mansoor brings it back, make a modern version or something, but it sure will remain a classic!

    Regarding the kassauti sketch, I know Anwar Maqsood is impersonating Quraish-Pur, Ismail Tara is Iftikhar Arif, who is Majid Jehangir suppose to be?!

  4. Aziz says:

    Awesome. One of the best shows produced by PTV. Some hardcore comedy depicting current political and cultural affairs as well as light family fun. We used to make a family night out of it and it was fun

  5. Benawa says:

    Thanks Owais! It provided much needed comic relief right
    after our loss to the Kiwis. But I think you are going to catch it
    from some language purist over your pronunciation of the word,”kassauti”. I believe it is pronounced “Kuss-watti.”
    (But I could be wrong!)

    However nobody can deny your impccable taste in music,
    (especiallly regarding the hit songs from classical Pakistani movies.)

    No doubt quantity has nothing to do with quality. The lone
    PTV channel that we had access to, managed to provide us
    the kind of quality entertainment that is probably not
    available to the current generation of Pakistani youngters,
    notwithstanding their countless channels.

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