The Funniest Fifty-Fifty Skits Ever?

Posted on November 26, 2006
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Adil Najam

Some time back I had done a post with the title: Fifty-Fifty: The Best PTV Show Ever and included a clip from the show. The show was loosely based on Saturday Night Live and was the brainchild of Shoaib Mansoor and Anwar Maqsood, with the starring brilliance of Majid Jehangir, Ismail Tara and Zeba Shahnaz. It generated some interesting discussion and much nostalgia. Although not everone agreed it was the best show ever, there was a general sense that it had to be ‘amongst the very best.’

Today we bring you two clips from Fifty-Fifty, which may well be amongst the very best that the show ever offered, and may be amongst the best comedy skits even produced for Pakistan Television. The first of these skits may well be the iconic skit that defined the show in many memories; certainly mine. To those not familair with the Fifty-Fifty mystique or with the music of the time this may not seem all that funny, but when these were first telecast the whole country – quite literally – were talking about them. Enjoy.

Fifty Fifty – One Way Ticket

Fifty Fifty Disco Choor

22 responses to “The Funniest Fifty-Fifty Skits Ever?”

  1. Babur Rafiq says:

    Gone are the days when such a talented, devoted and intelectual personalities like Shoaib Mansoor, Anwar Maqsood and late Mohsin Ali etc, also a number of others, were there. That was golden era of PTV. It was one of the outstanding and classic program PTV ever produced. Like the very best of comedy, it needs no words and is timeless. The great thing about both these clips is that even if you have seen it before, you still enjoy the surprise at the very end.

  2. shahid hussain says:

    thanx for providing clips but should unlock to copy

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