Pakistan Out of the Tournament After Losing Semis

Posted on October 3, 2009
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Owais Mughal

Update: New Zealand defeated Pakistan in the semi-finals of the ICC Champions Trophy, thereby leaving Pakistan out of the tournament now.

Earlier post. Pakistan and New Zealand are facing eachother in the Semi Finals of Champions Trophy Cricket Tournament right now. As of writng these lines, Pakistan is 166/5 off 39 overs. Run rate = 4.25

Pakistan and New Zealand have so far played 79 ODIs with eachother. Pakistan has won 47 (61.68%) and New Zealand has won 29 (38.31%). While the historical and statistical balance is heavily tilted in favor of Pakistan, Cricket results depend on how a team perform on any given day. To repeat Pak Captain Younis Khan’s words

“We need 2 good days”

I also second Younis Khan’s words where in a recent interview he said that Cricket is more than a game in Pakistan. He said that Cricket unites Pakistan (against all ethnic, sectarian and parochial divides) and a win for Pakistan will certainly go a long way in fostering unity among the Pakistanis. A loss however, should also be taken with dignity.

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  1. I was very hopeful as Pakistan had won lot of matches against NZ. But Its ok. someone has to lose.

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