Who Will Win the T20 Semi Finals tomorrow?

Posted on May 13, 2010
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Owais Mughal

We’ll see.

We have, after all, surprised the world in T20 cricket before. And we could do it again.

Yesterday I read a small statement by a small leader in a small newspaper and it made me laugh out loud. But I kind of agreed with it. The statement went like this.

Pakistan has reached the Semi Finals because of prayers (dua) of the whole Nation but from here onwards the team will have to play cricket to win the title.

So far Pakistan and Australia have played four T-20 Internationals with each other and both teams have won 2 matches each. Overall Pakistan has 70% wins from 35 T20 Internationals and Australia has 62.12% wins from 34. While this set of statisitics favour a Pakistan victory, the cricket team will have to do more.

Following is the summary of road taken by both teams to the Semi Finals.

Pakistan’s Road to Semi Finals:

v Bangladesh: won by 21 runs
v Australia: lost by 34 runs
v England: lost by 6 wickets
v New Zealand: lost by 1 run
v South Africa: won by 11 runs

Australia’s Road to Semi Finals:

v Pakistan: won by 34 runs
v Bangladesh: won by 27 runs
v India: won by 49 runs
v Sri Lanka: won by 81 runs
v West Indies: won by 6 wickets

Before I key-off, enjoy this heading that the daily jang has put as a curtain-raiser to tomorrow’s big game. The ‘jaal’ they are mentioning here means Pakistan’s spin bowling capabilities which worked quite well in the last game against South Africa.

37 responses to “Who Will Win the T20 Semi Finals tomorrow?”

  1. Adnan Siddiqi says:

    I agree with the article, it was a freakish performance by the Hussey.

    A lovely piece on cricinfo

    http://www.cricinfo.com/world-twenty20-2010/conten t/current/story/459718.html

    The game was not less thrilling than the match between AUS and SA at Wanders when SA chased the higest ever ODI total

  2. Aziz says:

    I wish I had bought a lottery :) Cracking cricket is what I asked for and that is exactly what I got. Good game, good cricket. No harm done to Pakistan’s reputation. In the history books, I am sure this game will be remembered more than the final :)

    Again, good luck to England and Australia for the final

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