Bun-Kabab or McDonalds?

Posted on November 18, 2009
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Adil Najam

We have written about the ‘street McDonalds’ stands before and this new picture is also interesting.

Not sure how the corporates from McDonald’s feel about this. Probably not too good. Although, they should realize that they are not likely to be losing any customers to these street-vendors… in fact, they just may be getting free publicity (including on this blog) in the bargain.

But if they were smart, they may also like to get some good ideas from these vendors. I still remember my good ol’ bun-kabab (a.k.a., bund-kabab) – a burger look-alike, but with spicy shaami kebab inside. Frankly, I wil take a bun-kebab any day over a McDonald’s burger. What I woudl prefer even more is a bun-samoosa… or, if I were in a mood to splurge, a bun-samoosa-kebab dripping with spicy goodness.

And that is the idea that the McDonald’s guys in Pakistan should really be taking from these street vendors. Coming soon to a McDonald’s near you, the All New McBunSamoosa.

It could be a big winner!

23 responses to “Bun-Kabab or McDonalds?”

  1. HarOON says:

    I bet you you will see McBundKabab soon. ATP should demand royalty then!

    You should charge them for such great ideas!

  2. Razi says:

    What MacDonalds?

    Nothing beats Bun Kabab….specially with piaz and dhunye wali chutni. Best ones I had….there used to be a vendor who used to stand outside National College in Karachi…then there was one near Khayam Cinema in Nursery and third was Yusuf Bhai in Dhoraji

  3. cynic says:

    Wow!! in our student days the biggest treat used to be bun samosa at 10 or 11 AM and bun anda at 6 PM. i would still prefer these two delicacies over almost everything else. of course the bun has to be fresh and anda or samosa has to be piping hot to make it a winner. when you need a slight change in taste there is always the bun which tastes somewhat like a sheer-maal and when eaten with a salty omelette inside, it is something to die for!! in summers a lemon soda with the above completes the package. my my!!

  4. ali says:

    Bun Kebob over Mcdonalds! I`ll take two anytime.

  5. Ayaz says:

    I am Sure Its a good Idea.. McDonald’s Managers Think about it..Jobs in Pakistan

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