Education on the Fast Track

Posted on December 22, 2009
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Adil Najam

Not much needs to be said about this picture, except translating what is written on this poster (plastered over a rotting electrical box outside what seems to be a jewelery shop):

In 60 days only, complete your education from Nursery to F.Sc.

What more can I say. Sign me up!

Indeed, Pakistan needs more education. And fast!

Reminds me of that famous joke: “Beta, B.A. karr liya hai, abb matric bhi karr he lo!”

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  1. Eraj Danish says:

    I believe education is one thing that can blossom the country from this deep hole. If we all focus on this aspect of life at least the youth will be thankful to us greatly on what we have gifted them.

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