Education on the Fast Track

Posted on December 22, 2009
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Adil Najam

Not much needs to be said about this picture, except translating what is written on this poster (plastered over a rotting electrical box outside what seems to be a jewelery shop):

In 60 days only, complete your education from Nursery to F.Sc.

What more can I say. Sign me up!

Indeed, Pakistan needs more education. And fast!

Reminds me of that famous joke: “Beta, B.A. karr liya hai, abb matric bhi karr he lo!”

21 responses to “Education on the Fast Track”

  1. Riaz Haq says:

    Diploma mills are not uncommon in many countries of the world, include the western nations.

    What Pakistan needs is not just the quantity, but the quality of education to make it in the new economy based on intellect rather than physical stuff.

    Clearly, the emerging economies, including China, India and Pakistan, require significant investments and efforts to develop human capital to catch up with the industrialized world in this new age of knowledge-based economy. They must start with sharper focus on basic human development through higher investments in nutrition, health and education. At the same, it is extremely important for the governments to pay greater attention to improving higher education and basic research.

    Read more at -of-nations.html

  2. Watan Aziz says:

    ‘Spirit. are they yours.’ Scrooge could say no more.

    ‘They are Man’s,’ said the Spirit, looking down upon
    them. ‘And they cling to me, appealing from their fathers.

    This boy is Ignorance.
    This girl is Want.

    Beware them both,and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased. Deny it.’ cried the Spirit, stretching out its hand towards the city. ‘Slander those who tell it ye. Admit it for your factious purposes, and make it worse. And abide the end.’

    Charles, over a hundred years later, the scourge of ignorance still abides. No amount of education or lack thereof has made a dent.

    Ignorance breeds fear.
    Fear breeds hatred.
    Hatred breeds yet more ignorance.

    And round and round we go.

  3. Nadeem Ahsan says:

    This only shows how desperate Pakistanis are for education wherever, whenever, however they can access it. Whether they can get it in 60 days or not is debatable and frankly not relevant, what counts is the spirit of even the poor who want good eduction so their kids can be socially mobile. Given a chance, Pakistanis will serve the cause of education. Pakistanis count education very highly.

  4. memoona saqlain says:


  5. Ghazal says:

    There is no shortcut in the life and that is so true for everything including education, which makes or breaks a person or a nation.

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