Keeping an Eye on Marijuana in Mingora

Posted on January 16, 2010
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Adil Najam

The picture is an old one. And too much had happened in Mingora since this was taken for this to be funny, or even interesting, any more. But since I just saw it I thought I would share.

The sign says: “Pakistan Narcotics Control Board Investigating Unit” and it is from Mingora, Swat. What makes it noteworthy is that patch of marijuana growing right in front of the sign. It has been featured on both the book and the website called Signspotting and I found it first on the website of the British newspaper Telegraph.

I guess, the agency was “keeping an eye” on marijuana in Mingora! They are taking into account the advice of experts from as such jungli clumps are really not the issue in narcotics control in Pakistan. The game is far bigger than that. But, then, any reader who remembers this gruesome billboard from the Punjab Anti-Narcotics Board will know that are drug fighters are not really big on subtle messaging.

13 responses to “Keeping an Eye on Marijuana in Mingora”

  1. Asif Ali says:

    this is simply hilarious picture on a serious note i think “pot” is not a big thing for Pakistan i don’t think their are many hardcore user of it but i do see the irony of it

    your cause is noble word of advise when you do write to “sadar sahib” please make sure add some good visual graphics for him in terms of percentage if you do i bet you that will help to get his full attention!!! (sarcasm)

  2. Saba Kamran says:

    Absolutely hilarious!! :p

  3. Omer Malik says:


    where better to “keep an eye” on marijuana than right at the narcotics control board ‘board’.

    I say this is most appropriate.

    And most funny.

  4. Jabbar says:

    Interesting. Not because this plant is uncommon as a weed growing places, but because of WHERE it is growing. That is what makes this funny!

  5. Daanish says:

    Adil,I admire the variety and depth of articles on your blog.

    I think you are well conected too,so I am wiriting this letter to,
    Mr.President Zardari,may I suggest to initiate: “building a world class football stadium movemet in lyari”.
    I know people of this locality have world class potential.

    I strongly believe that when we,the citizens,will start building something we will have no time to fight and destroy.

    Pakistan Zindabad.

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