Posted on February 21, 2010
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24 responses to “Charter of Democracy: Is It Time?”

  1. Ali Dada says:

    this time something is different – I have seen thirst to progress in the eyes of Pakistanis. Inshallah we will conquer all obstacles.

  2. Amna Zaman says:

    My perception is slightly different. Not all is dark and gloomy. Even if we can do justice with the large amounts of grants coming into Pakistan we can be really victorious and everything can be firm. $1.8 million for the 2 yrs for education in the NWFP has been given by Australia. These are the amounts that we have to utilise as education can do wonders!!

  3. Obaid1 says:

    Judicial Coup in Pakistan
    Once a democratic champion, the Chief Justice now undermines the elected government. 57604575080593268166402.html?mod=WSJ_latestheadlin es

  4. Talat says:

    Seems like another fight is brewing between Zardari and CJ on the Swiss cases issue!