Death Anniversary: Gen. Zia-ul-Haq Explains Why Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Had to Die

Posted on April 4, 2010
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Adil Najam

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan ZulfiToday is April 4, the death anniversary of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto – founder of PPP, President and Prime Minister of Pakistan, and one of the most iconic figures (whether you like him or not) in Pakistan’s history. He was hung to death on April 4, 1979, during the military rule of Gen. Mohammad Zia ul Haq. In this historic video, Gen Zia-ul-Haq explains and defends the trial of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan ZulfiThere is much, too much, in this video that is still pertinent today: the role of the military in politics, Gen. Zia’s promise of early elections, the role of a “free” judiciary, views on “justice must be done,” and so much more. Do please let us know what emotions this evokes in you.

For more on the life and death of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto also see our 2008 post on his death anniversary and a post of historic photographs of Mr. Bhutto during this trial.

80 responses to “Death Anniversary: Gen. Zia-ul-Haq Explains Why Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Had to Die”

  1. Munir Ahmad Kakar says:

    Zia is the epitome of all evils that inflict Pakistan today and will continue to inflict. His biggest sin is selling Cold War as sacred Jihad which resulted in death and destruction on massive scale. He introduced institutionalized corruptrion in the body politic of the country. The Kalashnikov culture was another ugly gift to the nation which spawned generation of all sort of mafias challenging the writ of state everyday. Another hallmark of his legacy is heroine culture which was introduced by CIA in our region with his full backing to finance Afghan Jihad. Can any bitter enemy be capable of weakening and destabilizing the country ? No.

  2. Indusonian says:

    It is indviduals like Noor who fail to understand the damage bhuttoism transfered as a gift to Pakistan:
    1) Loss of East Pakistan – nothing can top this tragic incident
    2)Loss of Business
    3)Rise of corruption
    4)Foundation for ethnic divisions amongst West Pakistanis

  3. moise says:

    Pakistani so called intellectuals and liberals fail to understand there is world outside Pakistan and policy maker in West pretty much control which leader stays and which one gets shot.

    Whenever any leader use natural resources to industrialized country, improve its human development and stopped being a tool of imperialism a.k.a. globalization he will get shot or bombed. Sad fact is our intellectuals are in romance when it comes to West. They are unable to see the rush for resource theft from Muslim countries and happy to sing hymns for Western policy makers, notable examples are Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and Indonesia.

    We are pretty much doomed because thinking people are as confused as a common man. We dont learn from history and we are going to make same mistake people made all over the centuries.

    Bhutto decided to help people and believer in Pan-Islamisim, he was shot in cell or hanged which ever side you listen to.

    Following countries have their leaders thrown out:
    Hawaii * Cuba * Philippines * Puerto Rico * Nicaragua * Honduras * Iran * Guatemala * South Vietnam * Chile * Grenada * Panama * Afghanistan * Iraq * Egypt * Libya soon

    Good leaders can do nothing now, they will be shot. Change the system.

  4. Comments from ATP Facebook Page:

    – “because كُلُّ نَفْسٍ ذَائِقَةُ الْمَوْتِ”
    – “My only two cents: Zia was evil to the core! Yuck!”
    – “Funny to notice how he says; justice must be done. Right, exactly after 9 years 4 months & 13 days ..Zia actually fell from heights and vanished in the fire ball…Such was revenge of nature..”
    – “zia boastered kill a assest of pakistan”

  5. Noor says:

    Was Winston Churchill a saint?
    Had Abraham Lincoln fallen from the sky?
    Did Mao come with a scripture from the heavens?

    If not, then why can’t Bhutto be counted as a great politician who was emotionally intelligent and principled.

    Zia’s sham-Islamism imported from USA has brought this nation to the verge of disintegration, with the “mardan-e-momin (Taliban)”, the coward idiots, blowing themselves here and there, spilling blood of the innocent citizens of this country, as the state’s downward spiral speeds.

    I wish Bhuttoism, if not Bhutto, had been alive today.

    In the name of Bhutto, clowns and dwarfs are presenting a naked dance on the national political stage. Depressing.

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