Inspiration Pakistan: A Giving People

Posted on April 21, 2010
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Adil Najam

This recent photograph from The News shows Abdul Sattar Edhi, probably the greatest living Pakistani, perched on a wheel-chair, collecting donations on a Karachi roadside to buy 1000 new ambulances. The picture, however, is not just a commentary on the humanity of Mr. Edhi but on the givingness of ordinary Pakistanis. A generosity of spirit that no one under-appreciates as much as Pakistanis themselves.

19 responses to “Inspiration Pakistan: A Giving People”

  1. Pervaiz says:

    He is a great man indeed. But as the picture shows we are also a giving people.

  2. ali b says:

    Mr Edhi is a humanitarian that everybody trusts.His services in the social welfare sector of the country is unmatchable.We all pray for his health and long life.

  3. Dimmi3 says:

    In Soviet Russia, charity gives to the people.

  4. Rasgulla says:

    May Allah give Edhi saheb health and happiness. There are many more organizations such as the Sailani Trust and SIUT as well which are being run by Pakistanis themselves. Please, i request ATP to do a write about these organizations. Try to find out what their daily expenditure is which i am sure must be in millions and how we can help (donations, volunteer anything)

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