Posted on May 12, 2010
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18 responses to “Mira Bagwal: Pakistan’s First E-Village”

  1. Quran Online says:

    Well if u all follow the Quaid’s quote regarding UNITY,FAITH,DISCIPLINE………………


    this is a right direct towards our commn problems of community, if we all pakistnis chose a path of right direction,
    this will inshallah solve all are issues, we have to follow the direction jointly towards the following:
    1. always speak the truth whatsoever the circumstances. always ready for accountablity.
    3.serve always to merit, no cast, no creed, no quota.
    4.a speedy and fair justice for all classess.
    be a good practical muslim for yourself and for pakistan,
    may Allah guide us the right path (ameen)

    mehmood hussain,

  3. e-fan says:

    amazing stuff and all the cynics can just keep off coz before bill gates came with his e-revolution , giving us all thai e-platform … before that we were all disconnected just like in the villages … so since he was so sharing about his findings …. and it changed our lives so positively …. so why not encourage others whilst they’re catalyzing a positive e-evolution!!!.