Mira Bagwal: Pakistan’s First E-Village

Posted on May 12, 2010
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Babar Bhatti

The concept of E-village has been discussed in email groups for a while. Recently, Pakistan’s first actual E-Village was launched, courtesy of various organizations and hard work by a few key passionate people. I guess this makes Mira Bagwal, a village located some 30 km from Islamabad, Pakistan’s first E-village.

In practice, this means that Mira Bagwal has been wired with 2 MB Broad Band internet connection and provided access to medical professionals. One hopes that such e-access to key development needs will come to more places, and in more ways, as we move along.

Here are the details, according to an email update from Chief Coordinator Pakistan Social Association (PSA) Amar Jaffery:

In an impressive ceremony in Mera Bagwal (30 KM away from Islamabad) all stake holders joined hands together under the umbralla of project ‘E-Village’ to work together for a common cause that use of ICTs for development.

The remote village of Capital City Mira Bagwal has been provided 2 MB Broad Band internet connection and its people have been given the facility of video conferencing to take advice from specialist doctors in case of any problem.

While USF has approved two MB broad band connection, Intel declared to provide twenty laptops and two desktop PCs, Cisco has decided to estabalish training lab in the villages. Two universities have come forward to extend support through their final year students to promote education in Villages. On-line libaries, tele-medecines and number of technolog based initiatives are in pipeline.

Babar Bahtti blogs at State of Telecom Industry in Pakistan, where this first appeared.

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  1. Quran Online says:

    Well if u all follow the Quaid’s quote regarding UNITY,FAITH,DISCIPLINE………………


    this is a right direct towards our commn problems of community, if we all pakistnis chose a path of right direction,
    this will inshallah solve all are issues, we have to follow the direction jointly towards the following:
    1. always speak the truth whatsoever the circumstances.
    2.be always ready for accountablity.
    3.serve always to merit, no cast, no creed, no quota.
    4.a speedy and fair justice for all classess.
    be a good practical muslim for yourself and for pakistan,
    may Allah guide us the right path (ameen)

    mehmood hussain,

  3. e-fan says:

    amazing stuff and all the cynics can just keep off coz before bill gates came with his e-revolution , giving us all thai e-platform … before that we were all disconnected just like in the villages … so since he was so sharing about his findings …. and it changed our lives so positively …. so why not encourage others whilst they’re catalyzing a positive e-evolution!!!.

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