Fake Degrees: The Best Commentary Of All

Posted on July 18, 2010
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Adil Najam

I must confess that I am fascinated by the outrage over the outrage over the outrage that was the fake degrees.

Our own position on the issue is clear. While we do not agree that ‘a degree is a degree is a degree.’ We do very much believe that ‘a lie is a lie is a lie.’ The fact that you get away with a big lie is no reason to argue that you should also be allowed to get away with a small lie. Let’s catch the ones we can and set the examples we can so that the pressure also mounts on stopping the big lies.

The outrage over the outrage over the outrage is fascinating, but also silly. Those involved, on either side, seem to care little about either degrees or about lying – they just get their kick from being outraged. So if their daily dose of outrage comes from fake degrees for a few weeks, so be it. Who cares which side of the outrage they are on!

And that, dear readers, why I think this wonderful old song by Shamshad Begum and Mukesh is the most meaningful commentary on the fake degree issue I have heard yet. Someone should do a nice video on this with the fake degree wallahs, and soon.

Thank you Naveed Riaz for sending us the link.

23 responses to “Fake Degrees: The Best Commentary Of All”

  1. Farrukh says:

    ATP Editors. Is there a way to stop people from using comments to promote their own blogs and posts or to put some quality control on it. It is very distracting and most of this other stuff is really junk.

  2. Fake Degree says:

    We’ve been working on compiling a comprehensive list of all politicians (past and present) with fake degrees. The results can be seen at http://fakedegrees.zzl.org. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. http://fakedegrees.zzl.org

  3. Ben says:

    They think they waged a jihad against the order of a dictator making BA a mandatory condition for elections. I think the entire nation should solute these mujahideen. I have yet to see a better way of glorifying heinous crimes of cheating and defrauding. Related story at: http://fmeducation.wordpress.com/2010/07/20/the-wh ole-nation-should-salute-these-mujahideen/

  4. Muhammad Faheem Minhas says:

    I do not understand what was the role of then Election Commission after receiving degrees from the Candidates. The purpose of submitting degrees to verify that a candidate is meeting criteria to qualify to contest election. It was duty of the election Commission to verify the degrees first and then allow a candidate to run for the election but what Election Commission did only collect the degrees and put them in a file and thought their job is finished. Only Election Commission is responsible of this whole mess and should be accountable and all fake degree holders should be brought into justice under fraud case.

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