Rickshaw Wisdom, Again: Better Than Hillary

Posted on July 19, 2010
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Adil Najam

I was going to write about the recent media interview of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by the stalwarts of the Pakistani electronic media. But I left that midway because she had nothing new or important to say. Nor did our media have anything new or important to ask. On the other hand, this rickshaw driver does have something important to say, even if it is not new.

Sad that Pakistan has become a place where living is too expensive, and death too cheap. Unfortunately, neither Hillary Clinton or our media pundits seem to understand that simple truth. This rickshaw driver does.

Yes, in case you are wondering, this is the same rickshaw (or rickshaw painter), whose wisdom we have featured on this blog before: here and here. But the refrain about the cost of living from rickshaw drivers as well as others (here, here, here, here) is not new.

Maybe, just maybe, thinking a little more about the ever rising cost of living is a useful way to begin grappling with the ever falling price of death.

14 responses to “Rickshaw Wisdom, Again: Better Than Hillary”

  1. Random says:

    From your site counter it would seem that you have a significant non-Pakistani following. I request you on behalf of the non – urdu reading population – could you please attach a clear translation of such comments.

    I am not sure if the sentences in bold are a translation as you allude to the rickshaw driver which makes me think its a part of your commentary rather than a translation.

    Also the site has just too many share links – it really clutters up the site – there is one on the left hand side, another at the bottom and then individual icons twice on the right. I am all for you advertising but so many redundant share links do nothing for the site.
    Thanks for all the great work you guys do!

  2. Pasha says:

    The real cost of living in Pakistan, specially in cities, is astronomical. Which is why families live together and in cramped situations. Even those who have so called well paying jobs.

  3. Ahmed says:

    Forget wisdom. Lets talk hard cold cash!! $500 million is a neat sum of money to blow off on the latest toys and pet projects. Three cheers to the American taxpayer for subsidizing us, when our citizenry won’t even pay a paisa of taxes!! Enough said :-)

  4. Hussain says:

    still do not think it is the same rickshaw. Maybe the same rickshaw painter.

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