Posted on August 31, 2010
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34 responses to “Thinking About Pakistan in Buenos Aires”

  1. Nafji Fatina says:

    3 things go from pakistan . Pakistan will progress’
    1 Amercan heated policy
    2. Saudi 2 face policy
    3. Jamati Islami old slang says fly will not kill you, but make you stomach upset to throw . This is JI

  2. Haroon Amin says:

    I am planning to visit Buenos Aires next month, can you kindly give me some information regarding food, places to visit and local behaviors.
    I wish my message get your attention
    Hope to hear from you

  3. Aamir Ali says:

    @readinglord Indian

    check these posts and you will find plenty of Pakistanis looking inward and searching for solutions. However your agenda is to discuss Indians favorite topics, which Pakistanis are not interested in.

  4. Indo-pak says:

    Amazing how so many good blogs and subsequent opinions are defaced by YLH’s grandiose entries.

    Everyone is allowed an opinion, whether you agree/like it or not. Everyone is allowed to lie or distort facts, because in their eyes, YOU might be the liar or distorter. History is written by the winners – so your ‘facts’ may not be so.

    Also, repeatedly (just google your previous posts!) questioning the knowledge of other people is, simply rude and arrogant. You think you have a lot of knowledge? May be you do, but maybe you are fool. Who knows. Who are we to judge? Get over yourself and your attitude!

    And finally, who cares what Jinnah wanted and what he pronounced? Yes, he was the driving force for the formation of Pakistan – but not the owner. Pakistan is owned by Pakistanis. If the majority want to live in a hell-hole run by theocrats, that’s called democracy. It’s not up to you alone to decide what is right for Pakistan.

    You are entitled to your opinion. I am entitled to my opinion. At least have the courtesy to spare the assumptions about people’s knowledge and intelligence. You don’t do yourself justice as a lawyer when you ‘speak’ in you posts as you sometimes display no manners!

    Okay rant over. Prick!