Angelina Jolie Suggest Hollywood Career for Prime Minister Gillani

Posted on September 25, 2010
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Adil Najam

Reportedly Hollywood super-celebrity and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Angeline Jolie is so impressed with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani’s “good looks” that she things he should pursue an acting career in Hollywood!

According to the same reports, Angelina Jolie thinks Mr. Gillani is doing an “even better job as Prime Minister! (I guess we now know how she would would in our ATP Poll).

Prime Minister Gillani’s reaction to these statements (which were conveyed to him by US Special Enjoy Richard Holbrooke) to to say that he preferred serving the people of Pakistan to a Hollywood career!

There are so many interesting places that one could take those two statements. But let me not be the one to take them anywhere.

I am just thankful to have something to smile about this weekend. Even if it is the silly banter of light-hearted niceties between Ms. Jolie ( who continues to charm Pakistanis with her humanity) and Mr. Gillani (who had earlier met Angeline Jolie who was visiting Pakistan and had gifted her a copy of the Quran).

29 responses to “Angelina Jolie Suggest Hollywood Career for Prime Minister Gillani”

  1. Aziz says:

    She is more than welcome to take Pakistan’s entire cabinet and make a Hollywood movie out of it. Bettery yet, make a Prime Time sitcom. I bet each day in Pakistan’s NA will fetch millions of dollars through advertisement. Oh how about a reality show? With bets going that today there is be a fist fight?

  2. Khuram says:

    I beg Miss Jolie to insist and take him away to where ever.He has ‘SERVED’ the people of Pakistan more than they deserved.Let him now ‘Serve’ the people of Hollywood

  3. naveed-e-njat says:

    Jolie asked Zardari and Gilani and SHarifs: Hello Handsome, ow much of your illegally earned money have you returned to your country?

  4. zakoota says:

    He should seriously consider it as he’s highly incapable and incompetent in his present job!

  5. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “good”
    – “May be he should cuz has experience in memorizing script and following director’s direction”
    – “‎:D:D:D”
    – “this is because he is a perfect actor”
    – “okay…
    so the international community is also acknowledging our political acting skills. great :D
    but nowadays Altaf bhai is quite in for hollywood acting, and his latest emotional video could stand him among Oscar nominees for best emotional acting….lollll”
    – “Why not, he’s doing a good job of acting in politics….”
    – “He must consider this offer, this would be a good riddance for our poor nation since he is worst Prime Minister we ever have. Even Mohammad Khan Junejo was much much better then him.”
    – “these politians are jst like actors….”
    – “Why not ? take him with you……and few more if you like.”
    – “Reserch and history both suggest that majority of the beautiful leadies would not necessarily be intellegent”
    – “haha..gr8”
    – “Koi haal nai hai..”
    – “gillani ka face to pehlay he oper utha rehat tha ab to or bhe oper ho jae ga, kahen ulti kalabazi he na lag jae pm ki…”
    – “hehehe jay ho sara”
    – “I thought Pakistaniat was a serious group…but by pasting this non-sensical news, the Admin has made me change my mind about his group and him”
    – “eyu ….gillani ke chahray per khebasat tapek rehi hai .”
    – “mr. prime minister is an actor already which we can make out by listening to his senseless speeches on TV every day… though his party has some better actors as well like rehman malik, fozia wahab, jahanger badar , sharmila farooqi, fasial abdi etc..’
    – “i found the post interesting… considering the the comment you made about the post i believe it does not match your taste and intellectual level… i would rather humbly suggest you should opt yourself out from the group”
    – “i must appreciate ur judgment,they all r actors no doubht n it…….:)”
    – “a gud piece of advice for our prime minister….. no doubt he is gud at acting and pretending, playing the role of a chocolatly hero on pak political scence……”
    – “yeh agar filmo me giya tu director ka ghar bech ke producer ki biwi lay ke bhag jai ga… corruption pe hamara bhi tu haq hai…:D”
    – “he is good at acting, but need more practice on face experisions”
    – “sweet angelina…she doesnt know our sly politicians………..i wonder what status gillani is in now that he is admired by such a cool hollywood superstar,,,,,,,,,,,”
    – “everyone knows our politicians are sleazy actors… jolie measured his potential in just 1 meeting.. she is smart.”

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