Angelina Jolie Suggest Hollywood Career for Prime Minister Gillani

Posted on September 25, 2010
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Adil Najam

Reportedly Hollywood super-celebrity and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Angeline Jolie is so impressed with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani’s “good looks” that she things he should pursue an acting career in Hollywood!

According to the same reports, Angelina Jolie thinks Mr. Gillani is doing an “even better job as Prime Minister! (I guess we now know how she would would in our ATP Poll).

Prime Minister Gillani’s reaction to these statements (which were conveyed to him by US Special Enjoy Richard Holbrooke) to to say that he preferred serving the people of Pakistan to a Hollywood career!

There are so many interesting places that one could take those two statements. But let me not be the one to take them anywhere.

I am just thankful to have something to smile about this weekend. Even if it is the silly banter of light-hearted niceties between Ms. Jolie ( who continues to charm Pakistanis with her humanity) and Mr. Gillani (who had earlier met Angeline Jolie who was visiting Pakistan and had gifted her a copy of the Quran).

29 responses to “Angelina Jolie Suggest Hollywood Career for Prime Minister Gillani”

  1. Rugged says:

    He actually is a ruggedly handsome man… so cut him some slack, guys.

  2. Kamal says:

    I think she was just being polite :-)

  3. HIRAlious says:

    i wonder what she would say if she had seen the acting skills of Altaf Hussain, maybe made a stop in england and taken him along.
    no brad pit, no johnny depp can beat that acting im sure.

  4. Jawaid Islam says:

    No, please Angelina, we have had enough already, we don’t want HW to suffer the way we are. Disgraced leaders-not good for running a country let alone provide entertainment. He already appears in one infamous video.

  5. Qamar says:

    I am thankful to Angelina Jolie for showing her support for Pakistan when so many others, including in Pakistan, have ignored the crisis.

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