Bakra of the Day: Suggest a Title

Posted on November 15, 2010
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Adil Najam

Saw this picture in Daily Times and actually laughed out loud. How much more Pakistani could a bakra be, than riding on a rickshaw with its head sticking out.

Not sure what the title of the picture should be. Maybe you can help.

Note: Original posted in December 2006.

79 responses to “Bakra of the Day: Suggest a Title”

  1. afp says:

    Pakistani bakra and Paki man have same mentality; tanka jhanki sey baaz ni ata

  2. Adnan says:

    Naan Haleem, loved that poem.

    Shahid will not come back. He is busy in calling back to Pakistan to his relatives and fighting with them to preserve his “Hissa” of Gosht so that he could enjoy BBQ on his next trip to Karachi. ;)

  3. Sajjad says:

    Title should be “Phatta poster nikla bakra…” :)

  4. Monano says:

    Bakra qurban hua DARLING tere liye :P

  5. Naveed Abbas says:

    The title would be:

    “Go hath ko jumbish nain ankoon mein tuo dam hai”

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