Ratatouille at Gourmet Bakery, Lahore: Cake Pey Chooha Naacha

Posted on December 15, 2010
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I guess this is what you call ‘icing on the cake‘; or should we say ‘this takes the cake!‘ Watch the video and suggest a better title, if you can

This is one of Lahore’s leading bakeries: Gourmet Foods, Kareem Block, Lahore.

(Editor’s Note: Also see: What Are You Eating? Watch this Video at Your Own Risk)

14 responses to “Ratatouille at Gourmet Bakery, Lahore: Cake Pey Chooha Naacha

  1. ShahidnUSA says:

    This is more painful than watching Altaf bhai singing.

  2. Khurram Farooqui says:

    That is not a raisin cake, and those are not raisins.

  3. Naan Haleem says:

    I think these are the famous “Paanch Choohay” of Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum who decided to have a high tea instead of going for hunting :-)

  4. Hammad says:

    Anwar, ALL rats in Pakistan are elite rats! And, maybe, all elites are rats :-)

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