Ratatouille at Gourmet Bakery, Lahore: Cake Pey Chooha Naacha

Posted on December 15, 2010
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I guess this is what you call ‘icing on the cake‘; or should we say ‘this takes the cake!‘ Watch the video and suggest a better title, if you can

This is one of Lahore’s leading bakeries: Gourmet Foods, Kareem Block, Lahore.

(Editor’s Note: Also see: What Are You Eating? Watch this Video at Your Own Risk)

14 responses to “Ratatouille at Gourmet Bakery, Lahore: Cake Pey Chooha Naacha

  1. Owais Mughal says:

    Anwar, your comment made me smile :)

  2. Muhammad Iqbal says:

    When the Quality Cat is away the mice gonna play

  3. mano says:

    Sad definitely… based on the fact that this particular chain is making millions every day and in return they can’t even take care of simple hygiene…and this video is certainly not fake…

  4. Anwar says:

    From their access to high places and expensive taste, I gather these are elite rats of the nation…

  5. Aziz says:

    Sad…but I cannot help but laugh out loud. No wonder most people from South Asia have an iron stomach:)

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