Posted on January 16, 2011
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83 responses to “This is Not Funny. This is Not Journalism. This is Disgraceful.”

  1. Tamashbeen says:

    @Ruszn Baloch.
    Yes this man Aurangzeb Hafi or Rafi is a huge fraud and liar. Can’t understand why Express Tribune still has this on. The people who have supposedly given this ‘Award’ are actually a Catholic religious order and they have publicly denied any such award and said that this is a fraud.

    I have also commented on this in detail and more evidence of this Fraud’s stupidity, here (in comments section):

  2. Ruszn Baloch says:

    Talking about responsible rather irreponsible journalism check this news item that was on all Pakistani media outlets and has been forwarded to me by a few friends of mine as well.  ?picname=1026.gif
    Its about this so called eminent Pakistani scientist , pride of Pakistan and distinguished professor Dr. Aurangzeb Rafi. This guy is a complete fake. A brief search on the web took me to his website. You can check his website and his CV on . I checked Google Scholar for any of his work. He does not have any research papers published in any journals. He was never associated with any of the universities that he has mentioned on his website and all that stuff in that press release by an online PR website does not make any sense scientifically. There are no publications on his so called “hecto disciplinary modeling” which literary means “100 disciplinary modeling” in the literature. I am surprised how irresponsible Pakistani media is and is ready to declare a cheat pride of Pakistan. What part of their reporting should we believe?

  3. Hassan says:

    Policemen were with this rally to protect them and to maintain law and order and if they were acting friendly whats wrong with it…