Is Shahid Afridi the Best Choice to Lead Pakistan in the World Cup?

Posted on January 29, 2011
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After Shahid Afridi’s amazing whirlwind beauty of an innings against New Zealand today, I am feeling more upbeat on Shahid Afridi than ever. Rumour has it that others are too and he may be finally named as Pakistan’s team captain for the 2011 ICC World Cup Cricket.

With 22 days left to the tournament, every other team except Pakistan has announced their captain. Not a distinction that one would want. So, the sooner we name a captain, the better. More than anyone else, the team needs to know so that they can wrap their mind around the idea of whoever it is.

The two leading contenders are Misbah-ul-Haq (who leads the Pakistan Test team) and Shahid Afridi (who is leading the Pakistan one-day team). I am rooting for Shahid Afridi despite some real bad behavior from him in the past. Not just because he is the more exciting player, but also because he is more experienced, because he is temperamentally more attuned to the one-day format, but most importantly because he leads aggressively, plays to win, and put all he has in trying to win.

Till a few hours ago I was rather agnostic between the two and could have voted for either of them (Misbah did have a good Test series as captain). But right now I see Shahid Afridi’s innings and attitude today and compare it with Misbah’s batting and strategy in the second Test match against New Zealand (which he let slide), and comparing the two I know exactly who I will go with – Shahid Afridi.

Who would you go with?

29 responses to “Is Shahid Afridi the Best Choice to Lead Pakistan in the World Cup?”

  1. Tanveer says:

    Misbah had a very good performance yesterday. But I am still all for Afridi as captain

  2. Nihari says:

    The best way to solve the Pakistan captaincy crisis is to appoint captains on a rotating basis. So after every two overs, captains should change…In fact during lunch and drinks breaks, the 12th man should be the captain….ONce and for all this issue will be resolved

  3. name says:

    misbah should be the captain my six scence say that only under misbah captiancy pakistan will win otherwise not.why you people are going only on facts just use your people should change your mind pleeeeeeeeeeeeees convince yourselvem.MISBAH SHOULD BE CAPTAIN.

  4. Dervish says:

    Of course Afridi should be the only choice but the problem with this Pathan is he doesnot care for chicken hearted Inikhab and Waqar and is a loud mouth not liked by burly Ijaz Butt.Thats the reason they are delaying name of skipper to make Afridi realize their importance in the set up

  5. Owais Mughal says:

    I have two comments. One shouldn’t change horses in the middle of the race :) PCB should stick with Afridi.

    Second comment is off topic from the post but in the last ODI, Afridi has now become 3rd highest wicket taker for Pak in ODIs. He surpassed Saqlain Mushtaq. Top 10 Pak wicket takers in ODIs now are:

    1. Wasim Akram 502 w at 23.52
    2. Waqar Younis 416 w at 23.84
    3. Shahid Afridi 289 w at 35.27
    4. Saqlain Mushtaq 288 w at 21.78
    5. Abdul Razzaq 259 w at 31.98
    6. Shoaib Akhtar 242 w at 24.69
    7. Imran Khan 182 w at 26.61
    8. Aaqib Javed 182 w at 31.43
    9. Mushtaq Ahmed 161 w at 33.29
    10. Shoaib Malik 134 w at 36.29

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