Worth Watching: Fire Fly by Usman Riaz

Posted on March 7, 2011
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Adil Najam

The best way to listen to this, I think, is with your eyes closed; leaning back on your chair; maybe with a steaming cup of tea in hand. But before you do that, the video is also worth watching. Both because you can literally ‘see’ the talent of young Usman Riaz oozing out, and because it is a really well-done video.

So, do watch. And, then, play again and take a listen. Let the music pour into your pores. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Usman, 20, is an undergrad at the Indus Valley School in Karachi. He was introduced to me by his uncle Naveed Riaz, a face and voice that is familiar to many in the literary world and who has been an occasional contributor to ATP. That means Usman is cousin to Umar Riaz who gave us those wonderful pictures of Lahore from Above, and, of course, both are related to the much talented Zia Mohiuddin. Talent is obviously abundant in this family.

12 responses to “Worth Watching: Fire Fly by Usman Riaz”

  1. Smile URL says:

    Yeah! video is cool and somewhat unique, too. Actually, we’re so much into the Indian music that we are not willing to listen to our music and dont find time to appreciate the music our young singers compose. Being a newbie Usman did a great job no doubt. thumbs up usman!

  2. Daud khan says:

    Really usman It is good music compose , ANd very enjoy able
    this is also true that its video also good.
    I think every one like it.

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