Smart Donkeys: Photo-Shopped or Real? Either Way, Its Funny

Posted on April 15, 2011
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Smart Donkeys. Stop at the red light. And look both ways before you proceed. Now, if only the rest of us on Pakistani roadways could also get that message.

Is this photo-shopped or is this real? It matters little. Because its funny. And in a profound sort of way!

15 responses to “Smart Donkeys: Photo-Shopped or Real? Either Way, Its Funny”

  1. haha……nice photo, its really funny, i think this photo is real , maybe i have seen this scene !

  2. Sara Khan says:

    OK, atleast someone is following the rules also, but see who is doing that? A good depiction of a bitter reality throwing our youth into frustration:

  3. Donkeys can be made to stop on signals but not humans in Pakistan. I have seen the Police force officials on bikes violating the traffic signals with a laughter on their faces. We always abide by the rules when we are out of country in Gulf or elsewhere because we know that if we violate we shall be strictly treated by the Police. So in Pakistan law does not exist and if it does it’s only for the poor and the week.

  4. Sohail says:

    So it means that we are worse than donkeys when following the rules.
    Infact, that is true and unfortunate.

  5. Azfar Ali says:

    In a country where it is said “rules are for the fools; wise men make them & wise men break them”, this is a true depiction of the society. That is:
    Only fools and poor follow the rules. Unfortunate, but reality! When the time will come that revolutionary youth will rise to bring a governance system like this: nce-reforms.html

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