Smart Donkeys: Photo-Shopped or Real? Either Way, Its Funny

Posted on April 15, 2011
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Smart Donkeys. Stop at the red light. And look both ways before you proceed. Now, if only the rest of us on Pakistani roadways could also get that message.

Is this photo-shopped or is this real? It matters little. Because its funny. And in a profound sort of way!

15 responses to “Smart Donkeys: Photo-Shopped or Real? Either Way, Its Funny”

  1. ShahidnUSA says:

    Owls for someones ulloos(fools), for others, very cool
    One persons jackass, for others, the democrats

  2. Rasheed says:

    Smart donkeys; not-so-smart leadership of the country

    سیاہ گوش کو پدڑی نے لات ماری ہے
    غرض میں کیا کہوں دنیا بھی کیا تماشا ھے

    (Siyaah gosh ko pidRee nay laat maaree hai
    Gharaz main kiyaa kahooN dunyaa bhee kiyaa tamasha hai!)

  3. USMAN says:

    How much smarter are these gadhas than all of us

  4. Asif Ali says:

    you just made my day this is awesome :)
    i think we would be much batter off if these two lead us
    @Tamashbeen you shouldn’t have written anything because this picture is indeed worth many thousand words.

  5. SMQ says:

    It gives a message also that these beast of burden at least seem to be more sensible than our political elite as they are willing to follow some rules and may be on account of being a political symbol of a large US political party, the sense is prevailing, you can guess better…

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