Posted on May 13, 2011
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17 responses to “150th Anniversary of Railways in Pakistan”

  1. Uzair says:

    Its a pity to see railways in such a state, I fail to understand one thing, how an organization which is claimed to be in stages of huge modernization collapse in a blink (referring to how railways was performing or claimed to be 3 years back). I mean, such huge infrastructure if fails, takes a while, there is so much redundancy in such organizations and infrastructures. Pity that the transport system in Pakistan never evolved, be it the trains, airlines or the local city travel. I am from Rawalpindi and here nobody can get to work in a sane state if he uses the local wagon system. These organizations are self sustainable, I think the government should stop butting itself into these and let them go private like in United States and most parts of the world. The government here isn’t honest enough to be given this responsibility, on honest places like Germany or few Central European governments have railways under them, and honest as they are, the difference is clearly evident. The laters’ are moving to ICE II and ICE III projects where as we struggle with the technologies that they abandoned 40 years back.

    P.S: @ Shez, happy to see an individual who does not fall for fallacy and weighs a person for his true worth. We should not forgive people who ruin our country that easy.

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    Shakoor Saheb,thanks for sharing your detailed opinion on the revival ofRailways.