Deaths Mount in Islamabad Blast as Suicide Bombers Target Lawyers Rally in Pakistan Capital

Posted on July 17, 2007
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Adil Najam

Har saal yeh samajh kay guzara hai aye Saba
Yeh ishq ki saddi mein adawat ka saal tha

103 responses to “Deaths Mount in Islamabad Blast as Suicide Bombers Target Lawyers Rally in Pakistan Capital”

  1. Christian says:

    Rafay, I don’t look at anyone’s religion, what I do look at however, is IF that person worships GOD. I believe religion was created to seperate us from each other. Humanity, once it stops looking at someone’s religion and look at the person as God does, we will all get along much better, but that day will not come until our Lord and Savior returns. I truly believe in my heart that you are God’s chosen people. The Bible says so. But with so much opposition in your country, so much killing, so much pain and heartache being done to each other for what means? The Tallaban, Al’Quida and the likes, my heart breaks for them, because their purpose is in my opinion, totally misguided. And that’s sad.

    God created ALL men, we ALL come from Adam and Eve and many of us ARE of the seed of Abraham. I just feel so sad for all humanity. God did not create us for this purpose. Killing is wrong and will be judged by God. Mrs Bhutto, in my eyes was a woman who worshiped God. And that’s all that counts with me. She is my sister in Christ.

    I just pray for your country. Being of what religion does not matter to me. It’s your belief in God. And that’s what joins us together. Not religion. GOD. You pray for me and I pray for you and in the end we should pray for humanity. Even for those who are misguided in their endevor to bring peace and who kill innocents for their cause, they too still need to be prayed for.

    So, please, let’s not make this about religion or about where we are in this world that we share together, but can’t seem to enjoy. My fondest desire is to walk the Holy land. To see not only it but your country too, because I see all of the middle east as the Holy land. I hope I can see it one day.

  2. Rafay Kashmiri says:


    @ please try to see things in other’s view point
    with clear diversity, as a muslim we believe that
    your relationship with God is your responsibiltiy,
    and you will be accountable before Him only, but
    when it comes to dealing with fellow Human being
    then the matter is to be settled between us Human
    being, we can not transgress against human values
    and kill, and then look at the sky.

    Similarly, your going to heaven does not concerns me
    or Prd.Bush, but what will be accountable is what
    we have been doing to each other, how were we to
    each other. And only this counts, my piety will bring
    nothing to you and vis-a-versa.

    Some one put his/her life on stake, knowing exactly
    what does it mean, finishing one’s own life does mean
    something according to the modern sciences, psycologies.

  3. Christian says:

    I see some comments about the USA coming into this issue and being an American, and a woman, I would object to this just as much as I did about Iraq. It is NOT the USA’s job to come into any country and try to restore peace to that country. IT’S that country’s job to establish peace there. As far as religion is concerned, as a believer in GOD and his son, Christ our savior, I hate that anyone is blinded into believing that being a suicide bomber is the fastest way to get into Heaven. Hello? Anyone at home here? Killing oneself does NOT put you into Heaven, nor sheading innocent blood, no matter what your cause is. GOD has given us laws to go by no matter WHAT country you live in, God has many names and I feel he must be so angry that we are so distructive and so wicked. All I can say is I will pray for your country, for your people and ask God to have mercy. WE all need to pray for each others countries and it’s people. This world we live in has become so horrible. We all can’t even get along with each other without someone wanting to be the one person in charge instead of letting go and letting GOD, we try to do it ourselves. We’re a strange creation, that’s for sure. We kill ourselved and other and care less about the affects it has on our global society (sigh) kinda makes us wish for another place another time, but for it all to be with our Creator and no where else! All suicide bombers are in hell, I have no doubt about that, and that’s a VERY sad state to be in, knowing that you messed up and can’t get a do over……

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