Deaths Mount in Islamabad Blast as Suicide Bombers Target Lawyers Rally in Pakistan Capital

Posted on July 17, 2007
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Adil Najam

Har saal yeh samajh kay guzara hai aye Saba
Yeh ishq ki saddi mein adawat ka saal tha

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103 responses to “Deaths Mount in Islamabad Blast as Suicide Bombers Target Lawyers Rally in Pakistan Capital”

  1. Christian says:

    All I can say is, GOD said “Thou shall NOT kill” and these suicide bombers are total extremest and I would not want to be in their shoes when they open their eyes and see they’re NOT in heaven with God, But that they’re condemed to Hell for the rest of eternity. PM Bhutto didn’t deserve this. She was a wonderful woman, a wife AND a mother. What her children must be going through, I cannot say. I pray for their healing. I am an American and I cannot believe this happened to such a wonderful woman who only wanted her country to be at peace all over. Too bad the idiot bomber didn’t realize that he’d condemed himself to Hell and Bhutto is resting in God’s hands in Heaven! These extremeist need to stop and think “would God want me to do this?” AND then ask themselves, “where will I end up for committing suicide?” well, if your reading this and you don’t know, you end up in HELL, tormented and to burn for the rest of eternity, while the INNOCENT blood you spilled is with our loving and wonderful creator GOD.

  2. taariq M. Hassan says:

    Pakistan is a basket case and totally doomed. The chickens have come home to roost( Taliban/Nutters).It is THE failed state and the world should come to grips with this fact.
    Neither Afghanistan nor India would want any of it back now.It is just bad news.

  3. Kamran says:

    @mazhar butt

    your statements really trouble me. Being ‘Educated’ is not learning ABC, its nourishing the mind. Suicide bombers are brainwashed.

    Ok, lets just say that even if there is a very relevant reason to bomb yourself, then why not just commit suicide, if u can;t take it anymore. Killing innocent people is not the way. They are not targetting any specific people, they are just killing random bystanders. These bystanders have their own lives, their families….

    Ok as u placed urself in their shoes, conveying that you had to go through a lot. Why don’t you place yourself in the shoes of the families that have lost their husbands, fathers, daughters, wives, sisters, brothers to these suicide bombers. Do you see any rational behind that?

    It pains me to read your comments, trying to justify killing innocent people.

  4. Kamran says:

    This has nothing to do with Musharraf’s government. Whoever will be in power, these extremists will still blowing themselves up. And people who try to find the reason behind these bombings, its simple, they are brainwashed. I don’t call myself a very good Muslim, but I am sure Islam does not teach to hurt other human beings. No religion does that!!

  5. mazhar butt says:


    I havn’t seen any mullah telling anyone to kill himself and others as well in the name of religion. What you say is hearsay and propaganda as shown on TV. Poverty is surely a big problem but poverty is an old existing condition. I do not recall anyone committing suicide in the name of religion just for the sake of poverty. There is certainly some other ‘provocation’ which causes a person to give up his life without caring for the lives of others. It seems that a suicide bomber avenges himself by taking lives of others in his leap toward death. If poverty was the reason for suicide bombing then why don’t we see this phenomena in poorer countries of the world such as Africa. Nay, it’s not poverty alone which plays the havoc. It is the attitude of a nation towards other nation , an attitude of people toward other people. It is the policy of interference in others business. The developed countries watch others by their standards; they try to emphasize their values and norms on others and that brings trouble. You will note that there has been a row over women wearing scarves
    in France and wearing scarves there is legally banned. I don’t understand why would an educated and civilized nation like France try to impose its choicest restrictions on this issue. This is what I call policy of interference. The Talibans were also doing the same to a greater extent. But since they were poor and weak the tougher nations took to exterminating them. That’s mean of them. One man’s meat is poison for the other. Let us keep to our business and refrain from interfering in others business. Unless we have a broader outlook towards the likes and dislikes of others we cannot imagine to have peace in this world. The suicide bombers claim to be in a state of war against aggressors and in their fancy or belief , whatever, they think it right to commit suicide against the stronger enemy and anyone who comes in their way. Why do you forget that even a trained army would kill innocent civilians,,,,,men, women and children……indiscriminately in times of war? Do you think the suicide bombers as they are called are doing worse than the US having dropped A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WW2? There is turmoil in the world and somebody or something provocative is there to blame for ,,,,,apart from the suicide bombers !

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