Pakistan Searches For a ‘Qualified’ Prime Minister: Any Suggestions?

Posted on November 30, 2007
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Adil Najam

I found this full page ad in Dawn very interesting. And also very democratic. Maybe a national conversation does need to be held on who (or what qualities) makes for a good prime Minister?

DAWN ad searching for Prime Minister of Pakistan

(click picture to see a larger, more readable, image)

Do you have any ideas? Lets try to do this not on the basis of who can win, but who (or what qualities) should we want as our Prime Minister. At least as an intellectual exercise, and a national conversation, we should be able to get out of Benazir Bhutto v. Nawaz Sharif v. Pervaiz Elahi type of ‘pragmatic’ discussion into a discussion of what we really would like to see in a Prime Minister. Dawn’s set of criteria is a very good place to start.

So, folks, give us your ideas but please please please do not again repeat the same old slogans and naaras about why you don’t like who you don’t like. Lets try to focus this on who you like, and why. And even this is someone who has no real chance of winning, lets at least think about what qualities makes you wish that this person would win.

The ad gives these criteria for the person we should be looking for:

  • He should be bold in upholding the law without fear or favor, but his actions must be tempered by the heart.
  • He must be learned in teh art of policy making, but not lacking in mobilizing popular support for his policies.
  • He must be honest to a fault, but neither dull nor unimaginative as to be able to figure our white-collar crime.
  • He must deal with civil servants with firmness and retain an unerring belief in teh rule of law. He must allow a sense of participation around him so the Pakistani electorate is able to guide his thinking. He must shepard a nation of activists – not police a fold of huddled sheep.

One should note that they clarify: “This man or indeed woman could be completely unknown. Or it could be that astute and honest politician who long deserves recognition for integrity, competence, or even an ability to perform a deft Machiavellian maneuver.

93 responses to “Pakistan Searches For a ‘Qualified’ Prime Minister: Any Suggestions?”

  1. ali m.m. khan says:

    To Meengla:
    cant compare mqm head w/ khan….hospital will be there for many years to come…and is providing much far as sita white or the many others it just doesnt matter in the big scheme..there is nothing for you to forgive.

  2. zakoota says:

    Imran Khan!!!

  3. Bilal Zuberi says:

    I am also searching for good leadership…but this is my fear.
    My search for a single leader last time around led me to support Musharraf’s coup. He seemed to fit the technical profile of someone who could institute changes that were needed. Till today I find that he succeeded on many of those fronts – but failed miserably in politics, in bringing people together, and in creating institutions that would protect and support the nascent democratic process. Will our quest for a single leader take us to the same place again? Would we be better off asking who would we support locally in our elections, irrespective of their parties? How come we don’t talk much about the local/regional leadership? Does it not matter?

  4. Kashmir Singh Bains says:

    At this time and age of outsourcicing and insourcing of resources, knowhow and intectual rights it won’t be a bad idea for Pakistan, after failed admnistration of last sixty years, to hire a prime minister from out side for change. Please put this ad in the papers of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Afganstan, especialy seek the help from Taliban Finance Minister. Don’t get offended my friends, I am hurting inside, because of the facts, the foreign affects from the region of these countries seem to be root cause of all the problems of Pakistan. Try for once to understand the indigeous philosophy of the soil of your land. Shun all those influences of the West and the far West. You never can go wrong in making the masses of your country. I am a product of that soil over which mess after mess after mess is being raised, since 1947.

  5. Naseer Ahmed says:

    We seems to try to find a perfect human being for the post of prime minister of Pakistan. However forget that he is going to be the reflective of our society and culture. No matter how much we try we will end up with a clone of Nawaz, Benazir, Mushaeeaf of Altaf
    So what should we do in this situation? like a catch 22 we can’t fix our societal behaviour and can’t get the perfect man to lead us.
    It seems the only way is to go with the one who looks most sensible and do our best seeking blessings of Allah.
    Our only hope is a blessings of Allah and we are the only one who can bring it down to us.
    Thiese are very critical times for Pakistan lets keep praying and working.

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