Dildar Pervaiz Bhatti At His Best

Posted on August 13, 2010
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Owais Mughal

While the country is going through severe floods we thought a small detour to a lighter topic may be a good idea to raise everybody’s spirits.

In the past we’ve carried a 4-part series as a tribute to Dildar Bhatti which can be read here, here, here and here.

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8 responses to “Dildar Pervaiz Bhatti At His Best”

  1. Vinnie says:

    Nice Idea for a lighter topic !

    Its been raining since night and I am feeling scared for what may happen next. Its the time to pray to God for His Blessings over Us.

  2. G.A. Aslam says:

    Dildar Bhatti was an amazing but underappreciated talent. This piece is indeed his very best. Specially for those of us who remember the good ol days of PTV this is a classic.

  3. Rana says:

    Nice find. His Takra was a classic and always entertaining.

  4. Jawad says:

    I cant believe that audience members are lighting up cigarettes in a crowded public setting. I hope this has stopped.

  5. T.S. Bokhari says:

    I saw Didar’s program on the TV regularly and appreciated his efforts to promote Punjabi. Once our Audit Officer, ch. Zahur Ilahi reported that, as required by the rules, Didar was not paying 1/3 of the earnings from the IV. But despite that report he did not comly with rules. So AGP stopped his pay to recover the amoun due to him. He came to the AG office to complain personally the stoppage of his pay. When he was asked why he did not pay the due from him, he blamed Mr. Shoaib had advised me otherwise. However we released his pay when he promised to do so in future.

    Ch. Zahur also passed away in the meanwhile. What a coicidence, he got barried in a grave by the very side of Dildar in Wahdat Colony grave yard.

  6. Pervaiz Munir Alvi says:

    Owais Mughal Sahab. Thank you for remembering Dildar.

  7. readinglord says:

    vinnie says:

    “Its the time to pray to God for His Blessings over Us”.

    It is your prayer which brought this catastrophe of flood upon us as we did not deserve the ‘rehmat’ it actually was. That is why our wealthy president has advised the nation to pray for its stoppage. But he is sitting at the helm like a Kala Dam to prevent the building of the the Kala Bagh Dam against the will of the Paky nation.

  8. Memoona Saqlain says:

    A beautiful beautiful old memory. Gr8 job ATP it has served its purpose very well. We had quality humour and entertainment then.

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