Posted on October 21, 2010
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Some Pakistani television channels seem to find this picture ‘cute’ and a great ‘human interest story.’ I happen to think it is disgusting! What do you think?

Please, please, please tell me you also find this more than just objectionable and restore by faith in Pakistani sanity!

The guy in the picture is 23-year old Azhar Haidri of Multan. On his right is Humaira Qasim (his 28-year old cousin that he has long been engaged to marry) and on his left is Rumana Aslam (his 21-year old other cousin who he says is his ‘true love’). He married both of them within 24-hours on October 19 and 20 in what was supposed to be his ‘dillema’ of who he should marry!

The whole thing has been a TV spectacle this last week. But what is really a spectacle to me is TV news anchors and hosts smiling and smirking as they “report” on this story – complete with “news footage” of the two weddings and interviews with the groom – as if this was one big joke!

As far as I am concerned, ruining two lives in this way is no joke. It is disgusting. And the smirks on these news anchors’ faces makes it even more disgusting.

And just when you thought it could not be any more disgusting than it is, there was the groom on my screen today being interviewed and saying that since he is the only brother of 9 sisters, he would appeal to people to please support him financially so that he can marry off his sisters now!

Yes, that is what he said. You know what else he said, he also said that since he comes from a place near the Prime Minister’s city he hopes that the Prime Minister will provide him with resources and support for his “honeymoon.”

And all of this is a “cute” “human interest story” to our news media!

I understand that every society has its share of freaks and publicity hungry psychopaths. But the real freaks here are the TV news anchors who are not only encouraging this psychopath but actually condoning and tactically supporting his behavior.

117 responses to “DISGUSTING!!!”

  1. Qamar Yazdani says:

    How is this even legal. Or morally acceptable. How terrible.

  2. Faiza says:

    The fact that the groom asked for financial support to marry off his 9 sisters and also for his own honeymoon is absurd. In Islam, men may be allowed to keep 4 wives at the same time but only if they are financially sound and swear to give all their wives equal treatment. He may be madly in love with one of his cousins who he wanted to marry and the other cousin he had to marry due to family commitments or pressure. That in no way suggests that the older woman he married will get the same love and affection as the other. He maybe delighted now but when jealousies emerge in wives in future while they have to share their husbands with each other, I’m pretty sure all the delight will fade into misery.

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