BhounDa Mazaaq: The Journalist is the Monkey

Posted on January 25, 2011
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I usually do not hold politicians in much esteem. But I have found new found respect for a number of them in this video. Specially because the journalist who was trying to be ever so clever comes out looking quite the monkey. He wanted a Bandar ka Tamasha, and he comes out looking like the biggest Bandar himself.

What’s the big point about speaking ‘correct’ English – especially in a country where most people (and certainly most journalists) cannot even speak correct Urdu! Beyond signifying the chooti zehniyat and linguistic insecurity of the journalist himself, the clip only serves to make one respect the ones who refused to answer in English.

If you are going to make a big deal about speaking correct English, maybe you should start by asking your own (rehearsed) question in correct English.

If this was the journalist’s attempt at being funny, the joke is on him… and what a bhounDa joke it is!

28 responses to “BhounDa Mazaaq: The Journalist is the Monkey”

  1. Saeed says:

    Very funny and interesting.

  2. riyaz says:

    dis is hilarious…

    To the reporter-
    “pleej english laarrn faast then aks others”

    hello pakistani bros.
    i am indian.i wish there was a “ALL THINGS INDIA”.
    wishes to ATP!!

  3. Maskeenel says:

    Mano, your MA doesn’t prove anything. MA in what?
    You could have achieved your MA in woodworking and that doesn’t qualify you as master of the English language.
    We have this problem every gama majha wants to be in the assembly and we are making that happen by sending them in there though our votes. It is a sorry state of the the country. And we are making history everyday.

    We have similar problems with the mullahs. A little study of deen and then comes the ability to pass judgment anywhere and on anyone and we are allowing that, also in the name of religion.

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