BhounDa Mazaaq: The Journalist is the Monkey

Posted on January 25, 2011
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I usually do not hold politicians in much esteem. But I have found new found respect for a number of them in this video. Specially because the journalist who was trying to be ever so clever comes out looking quite the monkey. He wanted a Bandar ka Tamasha, and he comes out looking like the biggest Bandar himself.

What’s the big point about speaking ‘correct’ English – especially in a country where most people (and certainly most journalists) cannot even speak correct Urdu! Beyond signifying the chooti zehniyat and linguistic insecurity of the journalist himself, the clip only serves to make one respect the ones who refused to answer in English.

If you are going to make a big deal about speaking correct English, maybe you should start by asking your own (rehearsed) question in correct English.

If this was the journalist’s attempt at being funny, the joke is on him… and what a bhounDa joke it is!

28 responses to “BhounDa Mazaaq: The Journalist is the Monkey”

  1. fuzair says:

    Also interesting that Ch. Nadeem Khadim said that he is a British national. Wouldn’t that disqualify him from holding office as an MPA?

  2. fuzair says:

    As usual the majority of posters (OK, I assume the proportions from doing a quick scan of the posts; I didn’t actually count; sue me!) have lost the point (which some have made well) that in Pakistan the government and business function in English (of sorts).

    Wow, five parenthetical statements in one sentence! That’s lousy English too!

    Anyway, if you cannot function at a reasonable level in English, you are ipso facto incapable of understanding any of the normal work of an MPA or MNA–reading bills, etc. Not that our clowns who can speak English do this but we can at least pretend they do!

    OF COURSE there is no correlation between English-speaking ability and intelligence; the correlation is between English and eduction or English and socio-economic class. But, as I said, there is a correlation between English and competence as an MPA/MNA (at least in terms of being able to understand the bills, etc).

  3. Ruszn Baloch says:

    His question is “How will come the prosperity in Pakistan?” and he is out there to make fun of others.

  4. HarOON says:

    Faizan, a beter way to filter out fools is to identify the fools who think that anyone who cannot speak English is a fool!

  5. Faizan says:

    If you can’t speak English, you should not be in government. It’s a good way to filter out fools.

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