Faiz Centenary: Tina Sings Faiz. Again.

Posted on January 12, 2011
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Aisha Sarwari

(Editor’s Note: 2011 marks Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s 100th birthday. We will be carrying a series of posts on Faiz Sahib to mark this centenary).

The Faiz Foundation in collaboration with Bank Alfalah has just produced and will soon release a new CD of Tina SaniFaiz Ahmed Faiz singing . Along with Iqbal Bano and Nayyara Noor, Tina Sani is one of the singers who has sung a lot of memorable poetry from Faiz Ahmed Faiz and has become synonymous with it. It is a collection that Faiz lovers and Tina Sani fans are eagerly looking forward to and is sure to enthral them for long. Here is a first pre-glimpse from the coming album that demonstrates just what a wonderful treat we are in for:

[audio:http://pakistaniat.com/images/Tina-sings-Fa iz.mp3]

The album “Bahar Ayee” starts with an orchestral beat, transforming the listener to becoming part of a bigger audience. In the nanoseconds before Tina Sani’s voice blazes its trail, everything seemingly pauses, exhales. Hum Dekhengay, she sings. Her voice freed from the traditionalism of the tablaa and the harmonium, exalts to the promise of a new day, awaited. Her voice, layered and perfected in the decade away from new work was perhaps incubating a new depth, a solid grace.

Having returned with her wings, Tina Sani’s songs are a conversation with one’s self.

The album has come at a time when music in Pakistan is in fusion with a modern rhythm, and has caught on with this global spirit. Bahar Ayee is a blend of Coke Studio with Pakistan’s more authentic voices. A voice, one with its breath, effortless and transcending, once woven into the piano, the violins and the cellos can speak only truly.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Tina Sani are a combination set apart, each song better than the previous as the tracks play along. The track Mere Dil Mere Musafir comes close to becoming the finalist for the album. A narration by Shabana Azmi has brought alive spoken recitation that is an integral part of Urdu Poetry. The ebbs and flows realistically lay it out as the poet meant it to be. Repetition of the same recited verse in Tina Sani’s melody sweetens the pain of exile, as Faiz cries out for his country.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s voice introduces the track Sheeshon Ka Maseeha. Tina sings, “Sheeshon ka Maseeha Koi Nahi, Kya Aas Lagaey Baithey Ho.”

Technology is not short of magic. A life has been breathed into the books of Faiz at times so in need of a story of our own. Certain to fill ipods and car stereos around the world, the producers of this Album have done their part in honoring Pakistan’s greatest poet. Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s life was a testament to living a life of action, of serving his country and standing by his principles regardless of the consequences.

We, the collective audience need to add to this narrative of Pakistan. The album ends with Bahar Aye.

2011 is the year of Faiz, his centennial by virtue of his ever present spirit asks us: Tujh Ko Kitno Ka Lahuu Chahiyey Aye Arz-e-watan. The CD will be released in early February on Faiz Sahib’s 100th birthday. It will be available from selected music outlets, EMI, and from FaizGhar.

20 responses to “Faiz Centenary: Tina Sings Faiz. Again.”

  1. Rosheen Ali says:

    Tina Sani’s is the ‘Voice of Faiz’ for masses of Pakistan, who with her amazing music brought verses of Faiz Sahib to public in Pakistan. Some of her best rendition of Kalam e Faiz Ahmed Faiz are below to download at

    https://www.thesufi.com/sufimusic/tina-sani-sings- faiz-ahmad-faiz.html

    • Mere Dil Mere Musaafir (4:45)
    • Nahin Nigah Mein Manzil (5:49)
    • Woh Buton Ne Daale Hain Waswasay (8:54)
    • Nawai Ney Masnavi (Kalam Maulana Rumi) 5.3MB

  2. Zara Norris says:

    Great review! You have seemed to sum up quite splendidly a review on Tina Sani & Shabana Azmi’s “Bahaar Aayee” CD, in celebration of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s 100th year. Although, I’d like to inform you that album Tina Sani & Shabana Azmi’s “Bahaar Ayee” is Released, Published and Distributed by EMI Pakistan Ltd. FYI.

    Thanks & Best of luck.

  3. Comrade Asim says:

    I am also awaiting the new album. Also, I also think that the elite has kidnapped Faiz and some of the same people he was writing against seem most interested in him. I am afraid that same thing is happening to Jalib now.

  4. Zamir says:

    Tina Sani has also done a wonderful job with Shikwa/Jawab-e-shikwa:

  5. Malik Ali says:

    On Shahid’s comment, I think it is both. There is a melodiousness in Faiz sahib’s poetry. His ghazal and nazm are both easy to sing and a delight to hear. I think he benefited from great singers of each era singing him. But I think they also sang him because they knew that Faiz will command an audience, no matter who sings him. Even a badly sung Faiz poem is usually a delight to hear, just for the poetry.

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