Picture of the Day: Father’s Day

Posted on June 18, 2006
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Adil Najam

I know we are supposed to put cute and cuddly type of stuff on Father’s Day. But being a father is serious business. All the more serious in developing countries like Pakistan.

This picture was taken soon after last year’s earthquake, but you can see a scene like this — a desperate father frantically trying to get urgent medical attention for his child — ever day in hospital wards across Pakistan.

Happy Father’s Day, Everyday!

4 responses to “Picture of the Day: Father’s Day”

  1. Anees says:

    I came here searching for a Father’s Day post. Expected something different but this is so very powerful. This is what fatherhood is about. Again, this year with the Swat displaced Pakistanis there are many fathers there who will be having these feelings. Let us not forget them.

  2. A Nice web site for Pakistani’s and of Pakistani’s.

  3. MSk says:

    The look on this man’s face is absolutely haunting. Conveys exactly what a parent goes through when their child is in danger.

  4. Shirazi says:

    Very thoughtful!

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