Posted on July 10, 2006
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43 responses to “Imran Khan, me and democracy”

  1. Mukhtar says:


    Hawa hai goo tund-o-tez laikan chiraag apna jala raha hai,
    Woh mard-e-darvesh jis ko haq nay deay hain andaze khuserwana, ….. Alamah Iqbal

    Allah Bless you Imran: Remember: Success has many fathers and failure is orphan”.

  2. MansoorC says:

    Dear Owais,

    You may have already read Edhi's book (apologize if you know this already) – in “A Mirror to the Blind” he goes in great detail about his interactions with Imran, Hameed Gul, and some other unnamed generals. Please read if you have not done so already.

    In a nut shell, while Edhi respected Imran for his charity (he donated himself to SKMH cause), he did not believe that solution to Pakistan's problems was in another revolution and another autocratic government. Edhi believed in a silent slow grass-root change that comes from within the society.

    For someone with very little formal education, Edhi has remarkable insight into our society's ills and enduring solutions for them.

    Book: A Mirror to the Blind – Edhi Autobiography – As Narrated to Tehmina Durrani

  3. salman says:

    I was completed a worrie man 10 years ago, that this man (Musharraf) is going to destroy this country and this nation and no one was able to say or to react. but for the last two years i am watching another man (Imran khan) who is terror for all the odds.whether its Mushshi, Altaf, or the newlyborne Hero Zardari(Mr. 10%), oh MyGod! what type of people are deciding the Fate of this pover nation. May Allah bless this nation with 1000 more Imran Khans.