Picture of the Day: Forfeited or Not!

Posted on August 20, 2006
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Adil Najam

The news is too fresh, murky on the details, and still developing, but as Adnan Ahmed has just pointed out on the comments section of another post, Pakistan walked out of — and therefore possibly forfeited — the 4th Cricket Test against England at the Oval, in a dramatic turn of events. Then, it was announced that Pakistan will take the field… but just as the crowd begins to cheer, the umpires decide they will not come out if the Pakistan team does. Meanwhile the light keeps deteriorating. No matter how this ends, this will be a drama to remember.

More and developing details are available here. Best place to stay informed on this is CrickInfo.Com, from where the photograph above is are linked. (Updated after original posting).

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  1. jyoti says:

    Naveed, it was Niranjan Shah who made the statement:) i didn’t hear what he said but the news ticker said that india will support pakistan in Sep 2meeting. In fact, Pakistan has got tremendous support in India media, including the FM radio channels which broadcasted intervies with Pakistani players like shid Afridi.

  2. Naveed says:

    Adil, you are right. This is Mian Mohammad Bakhsh. You have again made me realize of the catching up I have to do as far as reading up on MMB (& others) is concerned.

    Jyoti, Indian support is extremely important especially in view of Sept 2 meeting in Dubai. I just wish the BCCI had not made statements through Niranjan Shah. Whereas he may have meant not to comment on the issue, his statements were being interpreted as BCCIs support for the ICC. That was before Hair’s email was made public. Nonetheless the support by BCCI in Dubai is going to carry a lot of weight. I disagree with Zaheer Abbas that there is Pakistan’s moral victory and vindication in Hair’s letter. They should not over estimate the situation and get into a comfort zone. They should play on and let their performance speak for themselves

  3. jyoti says:

    breaking news: india will support pakistan at the icc meeting to be held on 2nd September. Sounth Asia unity zindabad:)

  4. arsalan ali says:

    i just hope that Pakistan and Inzimam come out of this incident cleanly. We should back our team at this crucial time.

  5. Eidee Man says:

    This whole fiasco has gone way too far. It reminds of some of the arguments I have with good friends, a slight comment can start a storm that no one intended to create. Although Pakistan were hard done by and humiliated for no reason, I bet that even Inzi thinks that he could have handled the situation better.

    I agree completely with Imran Khan’s assessment. He said that if he had been in Inzi’s position, he would won the match and then gone on a lawsuit rampage against everyone involved in these allegations. Imran Khan has pulled off something like that in the past, and in fantastic style, I might add. He was awarded 400,000 sterling by a British court and Botham, etc were humiliated throughout the world. While the Khan left the fight victorious and with his honor and dignity intact!

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