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Posted on October 19, 2006
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Adil Najam

No dearth of interesting news coming from the world of cricket:

What does it all mean? Where does it all go from here? Maybe there is too much data to process? But certainly no dearth of things to talk about.

To give a sense of non-Pakistani perspectives on all of this and more, here are some audio-links to some of the top cricket commentators on all these subjects and more (all recorded within teh last couple of days).

Former England Captain Tony Greig on his disappointment about Shoaib Akhtar’s exit, the drug use scandal, growing calls from India and others on ICC restructuring, and more.
[audio: 13.1.mp3]

Former Indian Batsman Sanjay Manjerekar comments on Pakistan’s victory against Sri Lanka, believes that the morning dew and Razzaq’s talent were the key factors.
[audio: 15.1.mp3]

Sanjay Manjerekar, Ian Chappell and Tony Greig discuss the ball-tampering issue, possible solutions, and the future of this unending debate.
[audio: 08.1.mp3]

What do you think about all the topics that they are commenting on? What do you think about their comments? What do you think is next in store for the Pakistan side and its fans?

(All audio and photographs are linked from CricInfo, which is a most wonderful site on all thigs cricket and a must visit for all cricket fans)

5 responses to “Talking Cricket… Listening Cricket”

  1. TURAB says:

    boooo manjrekar

  2. Eidee Man says:

    Manjrekar seems to be apologizing for some reason. I mean, listening to his analysis, I forgot that Pakistan had actually won the match! Well, you can’t really blame him….considering where he’s speaking from, he has to bad-mouth to pander to his countrymen.

    Beware of cornered tigers Manjrekar! :D

  3. Yahya says:

    In the women cricket team header, I like the gesture of the girl on the right. :) I suspect some will dismiss it as honest mistake but who knows. ;) May be its for men. U* y**** we are here now.

  4. TURAB says:

    Conditions vary all the time. This time it was Pakistan’s time to shine ! Keep it up Boyz!

  5. Daktar says:

    Nice addition, the audio thing.
    I thought Manjerekar was not being very kind. It was a little more than the dew that gave Pakistan the game!

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