Preserving Stupas with Javedan cement?

Posted on August 24, 2006
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Owais Mughal

I saw this photo in Dawn and it disturbed me. It talks about how archaeological department has used cement mortar to preserve a 3rd century BC stupa in Taxila. This may be in violation of UNESCO guidelines.

I am not an archeological expert but even I can tell that using cement on a 2300 year old structure is not the right thing. I did a mini web search and found that originally the stupa was coated with lime plaster and gilding. Dharmarajika stupa is one of the 8 buildings that were built during the time of Mauryan dynasty to house Buddha’s relics.

I used the word Javedan in the title only to get your attention. I don’t know which brand of cement was used here. Whichever it is, it seems wrong.

8 responses to “Preserving Stupas with Javedan cement?”

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  2. Sharjeel says:

    That javedan trick lured me in. only because my dad used to be a GM at that factory back in 86-89. We used to live in the Javedan Cement factory’s officers colony in Manghopir (a driving distance from the famous manghopir crocodiles).

    As for the stupas, i dont know much about this topic. All i know is people in the BC had better sewage systems than what we have today.

  3. […] (3) Rani Kot fort in Sindh. Some contrator hired by the archeology department has ‘criminally’ used ‘cement’ while restoring a domed room to its original era when cement was not even invented. We had a similar post earlier here, when modern day mortar reportedly got used to preserve buddha era stupas. […]

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