A 7-star hotel in Islamabad?

Posted on September 1, 2006
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Bilal Zuberi

I just read this in the news. Daily Times has reported the inauguration of The Centaurus, Pakistan’s first seven-star hotel project, in Islamabad.

I am left wondering what are these people thinking? Can Pakistan afford, and sustain, a 7-star hotel? Do we really need one? And what is a 7-star hotel, after all? We can barely maintain a decent 2 or 3 star hotel in our major cities. Are we now competing with Dubai for architectural grandiosity? And whoever came up with the name should probably look for a job in Hollywood…

ISLAMABAD: The Centaurus, Pakistan’s first seven-star hotel project, was inaugurated on Thursday. The $350 million complex is planned to have a 37-storey deluxe hotel, with two 21-storey residential towers, a 25-storey corporate office complex, and a 5-storey shopping mall. The complex will have a parking lot that would accommodate over 2,000 vehicles. The project will be completed in three years… The Pak Gulf Construction Private Limited company (PGCL) and Messrs Atkins engineering company – the constructors of Dubai’s renowned Burj Al Arab – are executing the project. Saudi Arabian Al-Tamimi Group and the Sardar Group of Companies are making the investment….

President General Pervez Musharraf on Thursday said it was “the right time to invest in Pakistan� because of the country’s positive economic policies of de-regulation, liberalisation and privatisation coupled with a liberal foreign exchange regimen. “We have opened all sectors of the economy for investment and the scourge of red-tapism and bureaucratic delays are being done away with,� said the president at the foundation-laying ceremony of The Centaurus.

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  1. Muhammad Afaq says:

    Well i dont have wordz for this development but i can only say that this is ma dream ma country ma centaurus ma Pakistan ………i wish that it becomes true ………………i love PAKISTAN….

  2. Heer says:

    promise the moon we dont see a beam :P

    dont believe……After marriott’s fate, we cant manage a five-star guys, give it some rest, LIke it or lump it, this is the truth, Aukat se bahir hai apni :P (Out of reach)

    dreams dreams everywhere,not a dream come true :P

  3. Ali Rizwan says:

    This is good for Pakistan that tall buildings are being under construction and they must build. because this is the only way to increase the economy and value of Pakistan in the world..
    on the second about the poor we can afford any thing either a 7 star hotel or a 3 star hotel its us which are dealing our profitable country, badly…. Just sit and think have you ever obeyed the law?? NO . Are you punctual?? NO. Do you have self respect for others?? NO. Do you have respect for Opposite sex??NO.. if all basic answers for the basic questions are NO then how could we progress… Its us who can allow a general to rule…. its us who forgive the BIG thiefs and Murderers and who brought this Generalism in Pakistan.. if we just raise once against this all next time no ll dare to do wrong with us….. just think it us who can boost up Pakistan…. every body in Pakistan just abuse the rulers and others but dont think what he is doing?? Nuffin… this is the thing which we have to think…..

  4. Dear Reader:
    I am working in Out of country in Hospitality Industry. I am really happy to know that any “A-7 Star” Hotel is going to open in our country. I hope by this hotel our Country’s image will shine around the world. And my suggestion is that hotels security should be perfect because if you have make this hotel but if the Guest can not feel scour himself. So, its means there is no benefit for country and for the company.
    So I hope you will do it more better and my pray for this project should complete fast.
    Ahmad Abbas Zafar

  5. usman zahid says:

    We are realy rpoud to be a pakistani….
    Now we are on the right way…we can make bright to our future.
    This project may help many poor people to get money.
    I can only pray that it will complete as soon as possible.

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