Hot off the Urdu Press – 2

Posted on September 1, 2006
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Owais Mughal

Following news items have been taken from today’s Urdu press viz.,Jang and Nawaiwaqt. You don’t have to find these news funny but they may cause some smiles and some amusement.

Take a Look. Click on images below to see their larger and readable text.

(1) First news appears in Nawaiwaqt. Here our famous ‘Cultural Reporter’ reports about Pakistani movies which will be screened in Sri Lanka in two phases. so far so good, but then I enjoyed reading names of some of these movies. e.g. ‘naag aur naagan’ (A male and a female snake), Jungle Queen, ‘Larki Punjaban’ (A Punjabi Girl), ‘Dakoo Rani’ (Bandit Queen), ‘kuRiaaN shehr diyaaN’ (City Girls) etc. I wonder if these are best movie exports we can do?

(2) This one is a local news from Jang Faisalabad and talks about the volume of milk production as well as the results of recently concluded animal census in the country. I wonder if Professor Faqeer remembered the animal census numbers by heart or was reading them from notes.

(3) This is a Lahore local from Nawaiwaqt. The word ‘shaiqeen’ (spectators) which is a plural is used as a second person singular here. Most interesting sentence is “Spectators said further…”

(4) And this one is a Karachi local from Jang and talks about the reopening of KPT fountain after repairs and its operational hours

(5) Line discipline getting enforced in Islamabad with ‘sakhti’ (strictness).

(6) A traffic directive in Faisalabad which restricts certain traffic to 8-bazaars only

(7) And the last one is where Governer of a province is very knowledgable about the number of poor in the country and what is happening to them.

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  1. Iftikhar, Rawalpindi Pakistan says:

    The Most Expensive Fountain Wasted

    Has it really started working or was the statement in the urdu news paper just like so many other statements our leaders political or others like to make 24 hrs of 365 days

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