Pictures of the Day: This is what a 7-star looks like!

Posted on September 4, 2006
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Adil Najam

For all of those, me included, who wondered what a 7-star hotel looks like; this is it.

To find out what it feels like, you will have to wait an indefinite amount of time until this surreal StarTrek-like structure actually comes about in Islamabad. Will it? And if it does will it really look like this!

This would have made a great photo-quiz had written about the hotel a few days ago, had Asma not already posted the URLs to these pictures as a comment on that post, and had these pictures not been flying around in all sorts of emails from Pakistan. Despite all of the above, I thought they would still make a great post; maybe some of the koolness will rub off on the site. And I am sure the builders could do with some more free publicity.

Plus, as regular readers know, I have a thing for pictures with tullas (cops) in them (see here, here and here). And this one – even though imaginary – has that traffic cop perched right in the foreground. By the way, don’t miss the helicopter hovering above (near the helipad) either!

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I am not sure we need any more discussion about whether this hotel is a good idea or not. But what about the design? Is this eye-candy or eye-sore? Will this really take us to the ‘next frontier’ (apologies for the pun)? Does this look more like ‘heaven on earth’ or ‘pie in the sky’?What do you think?

88 responses to “Pictures of the Day: This is what a 7-star looks like!”

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  2. MOONA NONO[kharian] says:

    r 7 star hotel in pakistan…………………
    r its true……

  3. Muhammad says:

    I like the design of the building but i must ask…do we need a 7-star hotel in Pakistan? I think the money could be better spent on something else, say eradicating poverty in the country or improving education.

  4. SHAHID (DUBAI) says:

    Hi slam to all the peoples of pakistan, regarding the design of the hotel in islamabad is almost copy of burj al arab in dubai,and its nice to see that pakistan also going forword day by day, I am excited to see when it will be completed…………..

  5. shahid says:

    I am still thinking is it true? that there will be 7 star hotel in pakistan? if true so its mean pakista is growing fast…………

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