Talent runs in this family

Posted on October 6, 2006
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Guest Post by Naveed Siraj

Anwar Maqsood belongs to a Pakistani family that has made huge contribution to civil society. Either through social activism or conscious efforts through Television, Anwar Maqsood has articulated and defined the ethos of modern pakistaniat. So what better place to express my admiration for his latest work than Pakistaniat.com.

Anwar Maqsood is hugely popular these days thanks to “Loose Talk�, a comedy show on ARY. Indeed this is the facet of his personality for which he has earned fame. That of a leading writer of comedy shows & television presenter. But he is a far better writer of serious prose than he gets credit for.

One often hears people describing how their lives were impacted or shaped by a piece of literature; a verse or a play. For me, it was a PTV long play by Mr. Maqsood called Daur-E-Junoon aired in 1986.

Mr. Maqsood’s siblings Fatima Surraiya Bajiya and Zehra Nigah are blessed with God-gifted genius especially the latter whose poems are replete with social and political content. Faiz sahib, it is said, insisted that Zehra Nigah recited her poems in taranum whenever he visited her home in London in the late 70’s. What can be a greater compliment?

What drove me to muster my courage to write to Pakistaniat.com is a video by the Pakistani band The Strings. The track is called “Beirut⠢‚¬Â? lyrics are credited to Anwar Maqsood.


Bilal Maqsood, (lead guitar/back-up vocals), Anwar Maqsood’s son lives upto the family tradition of creative output of highest order. Lead vocals are played by Faisal Kapadia and he does a magnificent job by rendering “Beirut⠢‚¬Â? in a heart-moving fashion.

The track heralds the coming of age of Pakistani pop music and all credit goes to The Strings for highlighting the plight of Lebanese people.

Naveed Siraj blogs about a variety of subjects, but especially sufi poetry and music at Rambling On.

17 responses to “Talent runs in this family”

  1. naeem banday says:

    Assalamo Alaikum,

    This is my first contact with your website, I need to get in touch with Mr Anwar Masood regarding his Charity for the blind. Can u help ?.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    W A S


    naeem banday

  2. Adil Najam says:

    Adnan A., PIB is Pir Illahi Bakhsh Colony, it is one of the many neighborhoods in Karachi that grew immediately after partition to accomodate those migrating.

    By the way, the article that you linked is a good one and worth reading.

  3. Adnan Ahmad says:


    A good article about Anwar. Where is PIB colony?

  4. soud says:

    does anybody of you guys know who wrote the lyrics for the song “shayad” by the band CALL ?

  5. Zahid Q says:

    Great post. I think Anwar has not been given due credit for all his work in bringing political satire to television. As someone else mentioned he is also an accomplished artist amongst other things.

    Just to add to the list of family accomplishments that others may not know, there is Mrs Kazmi and Bunto Kazmi, Faraz Maqsood (ad man/artist/actor), and Hussain Tariq (accomplished artist).

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